All Holistic Therapy Treatments take place in my room in Swords, Co. Dublin.

These treatments include Aromatherapy Massage and Reiki Healing. Do have a read of the descriptions below, and feel free to contact me if you are not sure what you need.

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage is a therapeutic and holistic treatment which helps the mind to unwind and the body to relax, bringing about a feeling of deep relaxation. Essential oils specially chosen for their therapeutic qualities are blended for your treatment and applied during your massage.

Aromatherapy Back Massage

A back massage will help loosen any tight muscles. It’s particularly good if you have been sitting at a desk, driving, or just feeling very tight and sore.

Aromatherapy Foot and Leg Massage

Aromatherapy Foot and Leg Massage, a perfect treatment for tired legs and feet. Gentle foot and leg massage including massage of the reflex points on the feet-

Deluxe Aromatherapy Beauty Facial

This is a wonderful nourishing treatment for your skin. You will feel and see the difference in your skin.   You will also receive an arm and hand massage as part of the treatment.

Indian Head Massage


Although this treatment focuses on the head, face, neck, shoulders and arms, it benefits the whole body.  Indian Head Massage is particularly good for relieving stress and tension, stiffness in the shoulders, headaches and sinusitis.


Reiki is a spiritual practice that originated in Japan. It is used daily by people throughout the world. . It is pronounced Ray-kee and translates as ‘universal life-force energy’. 

Reiki is a gentle, holistic treatment that brings your emotional body into alignment with your mental and physical body, promoting deep relaxation, balancing and harmonisation to the person receiving it. The client lies on the plinth and remains fully clothed for this treatment.  It is a deeply relaxing and healing treatment. You can find out more about Reiki here.